communication without limits since 1996

Founded 1996 in Zurich as a subsidiary of Burnett Group Inc. New York, we started our developing visualizations, design, web development and multimedia presentations based on analytic models. Utilizing economic, operational and technical know-how the apaaraGROUP AG built a multitude of Products and Solutions that were met with great responses.

By End of the 90's we expanded our focus around online solutions and added process transformation, migration/integration and vertical solutions to our services.

By specializing in business solutions and IT we distanced ourselves from our previous core business and spun off by management buyout in 1999. the new founded company was named apaaraGROUP AG, based on the sanskrit wording "no limits" which hold true as our companys claim and slogan until this day: "apaaraGROUP – communication without limits".

After restructuring and rebalancing our fields of activity in 2010 the apaaraGROUP stands more agile than ever, serving needs for business, corporate media and online design.