information & web technology

Over the past 15 years apaaraGROUP AG has successfully completed IT projects and software development for business processes and applications, custom solutions for vertical markets, aswell as public web sites, services, social networks and many single-purpose front- and backends. We support, migrate, redesign and refactor a broad range of websites and intranet applications and offer fixed pricing options for many standard solutions and scenarios.

Products and Brands

We love creating online identities and representations that shine and attract beyond market boundaries while making sure that contents remain accessible to your organization.

Companies and Corporations

We cooperate with creative and IT departments to build applications and portals that adhere to UI guidelines, manuals and specs of your corporation or campaigns design, identity and content structures.

Individuals and Artists

We enjoy working für artists, entertainers and independent media publishers and create portraits, portfolios und representations of persons, charakters, careers, works and releases.

Locations and Events

Municpal departements, event organizers or tourism destination - we put places, objects and happenings in the right spot and provide modular solutions for tickers, rankings, panoramic images, reservationen and invitations.