technology and experience

The apaaraGROUP AG can look back at 15+ years of technical experience & knowledge, management know-how and work in the field. We have been developing our own solutions, frameworks and products using a wide array of software stacks, platforms and technologies since 1996.

We are coders, artists, entrepreneurs and managers that keep up with the current and emerging disruptive technology in and around business IT, content creation, interaction and multimedia design.

web development

we build sites using PHP, Python and Ruby and are perfectly comfortable using a wide range of content management solutions and frameworks

apps & databases

we develop software on top of MySQL and SQLite databases. we also build and support desktop solutions in RAD Enviroments like Filemaker Pro.

design, graphics
& postproduction

We are skilled in illustration, vector graphic design, image/video post-production and 3d animation.


we support and consult many of our clients and partners on classic IT matters around desktops, workstations, servers, software stacks and workflow solutions.